Big Blue Bag


Big Blue Bag pickup is only available to commercial or industrial generators of recyclable materials.


Buy a sustainable Big Blue Bag dumpster bag from any of our convenient dealer locations.


Fill your Big Blue Bag with recyclable debris. Be careful not to overload it, and tie it closed.

Order Pickup

Order pickup of your Big Blue Bag. We'll collect it within two business days of receiving your request.

Step 1

Unfold your Big Blue Bag. Fold the top of each side down to help it stay open, and make sure the lifting straps and top flap stay outside.

Step 2

Load heavy materials first, and make sure they stay on the bottom. Be careful not to over load it!

Step 3

Secure the top flap when full, and make sure the straps are outside.

Step 4

Order pickup. We'll collect your full Big Blue Bag and recycle the contents.


Big Blue Bag holds up to 3,300 lbs (3 cubic yards) of material. For light material, you might fill the entire bag without hitting the 3,300 lbs limit. But for heavy material (bricks, asphalt, rock, dirt, etc.), you'll hit the limit when there is about 10 inches of material in the bag.

Acceptable Materials

Big Blue Bag is for recyclable construction, demolition, land clearing, and landscaping material from commercial and industrial generators. The following materials area allowed in Big Blue Bag. Prohibited materials will not be collected, and you will be charged the collection fee.

Untreated Wood

Plywood, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, glued laminated timber, etc.


Steel, aluminum, copper, insulated wire, cans, and all other metals.


Concrete, asphalt, rock, cinder blocks, tiles, masonry, etc.


Clean and dirty cardboard and paper.


Clean and dirty drywall. Demolition drywall is only accepted with a Hazardous Materials Survey or Clean Air Abatement report.

Land Clearing / Landscaping

Brush, branches, stumps, logs, etc.


Sheeting, film, rigid, etc.


Mattresses, foam, carpet, furniture.


Except for prohibited materials, any other construction and demolition waste (demolition waste is only accepted when from a known site and accompanied by a Hazardous Materials Survey or Clean Air Abatement report).

Unacceptable Materials

Big Blue Bag collection is only available to commercial and industrial generators of recyclable material. The following materials are not acceptable. If a Big Blue Bag contains these items, your bag will not be collected and your collection fee will not be refunded.

Liquids, containers with liquids, and material saturated with liquid

Gas-filled containers (propane tanks, etc.)

Household or commercial garbage

Hazardous materials

Undocumented demolition waste

Biomedical waste

Asbestos or materials suspected of containing asbestos

Lead paint or material containing lead paint

Flourescent light bulbs


Burned materials

Telephone poles, railroad ties, or other creosote or pressure-treated wood

Residential recyclables

Any additional materials that may present a risk to our employees, equipment, or facility as exclusively determined by the collection driver in his or her sole discretion